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July 27, 2011

Genetically Based Skincare: Fact or Fiction

Being in the skincare industry has been so very rewarding and fun as I get to hear about and experience some of the latest treatments and skincare products available.  What isn’t fun is recalling the ghastly amounts of money spent on the latest/greatest that will just end up under my sink!  Enter SkinShift.  One of the coolest things that has come to my attention is a DNA test that breaks down your own propensity to age, based on your unique genetic code.   A simple cheek swab will determine where you are high risk and where you are low in five areas:  collagen formation, sun protection, antioxidant protection, glycation and inflammation control.  Basically what this does is free you from the guessing game so you can control how your dollars are best spent and on what!   Their website breaks down all the science behind it and includes a sample report.

Finally, something you actually CAN blame your mother for.  ;)

Inside these magical canisters contain the cheek swab + instructions



Get your test kit here! Feel free comment with any questions you may have... 

posted by Leslie Sharp

I am definitely going to do the test to see where I am biologically weak and will give the products a try... I love Dr. Hauscka's though, but I'm always open to something better/different when I run out...

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